10 Legendary Pokemon Vs. YveltalAegislashAqua Unit Patrol Squad 1
Argus SteelAsh Battles AstridBad Dog
Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making GuyDelphoxDon't Give up Diancie/Mega Diancie
Elsa The Snow QueenEmerl and His Team Saves DiancieFennekin
HerediaLiang781Hiro HamadaJack Rabbit
JasmineJorgeLady Redundant Woman
LarryLeather TeddyLeonard
Main CharactersMajor NixelMake a Wish
Mane 6's, Xion's and Pikachu's Death/Roar Of Dragons/Xerneas Revive EveryoneMarilyn FlameMidnight Sparkle
Millis SteelMillis Steel Save the Team and The MixelsMistress 9
Mixels And Team Robot In Pokemon XY The SeriesMiyamotoKirtley903Ninja Riot
Open My EyesPikachuPrincess Anna
Sandy CheeksSega Unit Patrol Squad 1 WikiShawn
TalonflameTeam Robot in Diancie And The Cocoon Of DestructionTeam Robot in Hoopa And The Clash of Ages
Team Rocket, Verminious Snaptrap Captures Diancie, Millis Steel Rescue DiancieThe ButcherThe Cragsters
The DazzlingsThe ElectroidsThe Frosticons
The Heart Diamond DiesThe InfernitesThe Mole
Verminious SnaptrapVillains And Thieves Fighting Over DiancieWe Can't Stand Here All Day Long
WoodhouseCartagena51World Of PokemonXerneas Vs. Yveltal/The Crisis Is Over
YoshiYveltal Awakes/Yveltal's Rampage/Turning Team Robot's Allies into stone along with the other villainsYveltal vs. Mal's Airship Armada, Dr. Blowhole's Flying Fortress Armada and Argus' Airship/The Death Of Mal Along With Dr. Blowhole, The Cockroaches, Argus Steel And Millis Steel/Mutated Animals Gets Stoned
File:165px-Anna Render.pngFile:Aegislash (Blade Forme).pngFile:Aegislash (Shield Forme).png
File:Ages.pngFile:Argus Steel M17.pngFile:Baddogpicture.jpg
File:Baymax.jpgFile:Baymax (Armor).pngFile:Braixen.png
File:COPENHAGEN.pngFile:Character large 332x363 snaptrap.jpgFile:Chesnaught.png
File:Chuck.jpgFile:Clash.pngFile:Clash ages.pdf
File:Delphox.pngFile:Diancie Poster.pdfFile:Diancie Poster.png
File:Download (10).jpgFile:Electroidmax.pngFile:Elsa the Snow Queen.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Francisco.jpgFile:Froakie.png
File:Hiro Hamada.pngFile:Hiro Hamada (Super Suit).pngFile:Hoopa And The Clash of Ages Poster.png
File:Hoopa And The Clash of ages remake.pngFile:Hoopa Poster.pngFile:Hoopa Poster Clash.pdf
File:Lady Redundant Woman.jpgFile:Larry.jpgFile:Leather Teddy.jpg
File:LeonardFullOfficial.pngFile:Lunk.pngFile:Major Nixel.png
File:Marilyn Flame M17.pngFile:Millis Steel M17.pngFile:Mistress 9.jpg
File:Mole.pngFile:Ninja Riot M17.pngFile:Noibat.png
File:Noivern.pngFile:Ollie.jpgFile:Open My Eyes Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction Ending Theme
File:Pikachu.pngFile:Pokeball.pngFile:SUPS1 S6 Poster.jpg
File:Sandy.jpgFile:Seismo.pngFile:Series 4 style test 2 by thedrawingdino123-d95wn6s.jpg
File:TDPI Audition Tapes LeonardFile:TDPI Audition Tapes Leonard-0File:TDPI Audition Tapes Leonard.jpg
File:Talonflame.pngFile:Team Robot in Diancie.pdfFile:Teslo.png
File:The Butcher.jpgFile:The Cragstermax.pngFile:The Cragsters.png
File:The Dazzlings singing together EG2.pngFile:The Electroids.pngFile:The Frosticons.png
File:The Infernites.pngFile:Total Drama Pahkitew Island - Sugar's Audition TapeFile:Total Drama Pahkitew Island Jasmine Audition!
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Xy Remake Poster.pngFile:Yoshi.png

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