Here Are The Heroes.

(Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1)

-Emerl (Sonic X)

-G-emel (Sonic Advance 3)

-Yoshi (Super Mario Bros)

-Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country)

-Mario (Super Mario Bros)

-Coco (Crash Bandicoot)

-Mane 6, Spike & The CMC (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)

-SpongeBob & Patrick (SpongeBob SquarePants)

-Finn & Jake (Adventure Time)

-Rigby & Mordecai (Regular Show)

-Eddy, Double-D & Ed (Ed, Edd & Eddy)

-Kiva, Zoe, Winter, Anastasia, Micaiah & Tigerman (Youtubers)

-Classic Sonic & Classic Tails (Sonic Generations)

-Kirby (Kirby)

-Jenny (My Life As A Teenage Robot)

-Cat & Dog (CatDog)

-Ash & Pikachu (Pokemon)

-Gumball & Darwin (The Amazing World Gumball)

-Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly & Bentley (Playstation Heroes)

-Sora, Donald & Goofy (Kingdom Hearts 2)

-Terra, Ventus & Aqua (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)

-Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko & Clay (Xiaolin Showdown)

-Rich, Dave, Smitty & Scott (Imagination Movers)

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